Lab Report Information, Term D95


Labs will appear in the Calc 4 WWW home page, usually on the Wednesday before the lab. There will be four lab reports turned in for a grade this term. All lab reports will be due at the beginning of the lab period one week after being assigned. Late papers will not be accepted without prior arrangement with your instructor.

Lab Reports

Each of the lab reports is to be completed jointly by you and a lab partner. You may change lab partners as you wish throughout the term. If you have trouble finding a partner for a lab, please see your instructor immediately. Each lab report should include three parts as follows:

Lab Background
Your summary should be one paragraph that describes the major points/goals of the lab and the mathematical concepts addressed. Note that this should be in your own words and not simply a rewrite of the lab description.

Each solution should be clearly numbered to coincide with the problem numbers in the lab description. Your solutions should include not only the ``answer", but also a detailed justification of your answer and how you arrived at that answer. Your solutions should not include any Maple commands; however, they should include or clearly refer to any functions, graphs, etc. that are needed to make your answer clearly understood by the reader. For example, if a plot is required as part of the answer to a question, it is acceptable to include it as part of your Maple worksheet or as a separate page as long as you refer to it in your solution and label it clearly.

Maple Printout
All Maple commands used for the lab should be included. Problem numbers should be included in this section to indicate which commands were used for which problems. Equations or plots that are needed for the solutions must be clearly labeled. You are also responsible for ensuring that the Maple commands are consistent with your solutions, as presented in section II. You are strongly encouraged to save paper by printing out your worksheet with two pages per physical page, using the -N2 flag to your lpr command.

Grading of the Lab Reports

The reports for all sections of the course will be graded by the Instructors' Assistants (IAs) for the course, Roxanne Tisch and Sean Anderson. Each lab report will be graded on a percentage correct scale (100 possible points). Approximately 15% of your grade will be based on Section I, Lab Summary, while the other 85% will be based on Section II, Solutions.

The major portion of your grade will be determined by the correctness of your mathematical work. However, your report grade could suffer if you have misspelled words, incomplete sentences, and/or other grammatical errors.

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