This page contains information on how to get in touch with the Calc 4 instructor and IA's. It also describes the ma1004 e-mail alias that can be used to send messages to everybody involved with the course, including all the students, the instructor, and the IA's.


Bill Farr
Office: SH 105A
Tel.: 831-5496
Office Hours: MTThF 3:30 -- 4:30, or by appointment

Instructors Assistants

Roxanne Tisch
Office: SH 205
Tel.: 831-5730
Office hours: W 9-11, Th 9-10, F 9-10

Sean Anderson
Office: SH 205
Tel.: 831-5730
Office hours:

Schedule for IA help in the math lab.

MASH leaders

Henry Fink

P. Brady Townsend

MASH Schedule

Class-wide e-mail alias

Electronic mail sent to the address will go to all of the students in Calc 4, the instructor, the IA's, and the Calc 4 MASH leaders. This alias will be used primarily by the instructor to transmit general announcements, homework assignments, etc. However, it can also be used by anyone associated with the class to send out messages of general interest. Specific questions should go to the instructor or the IA's.
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