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Topics to be covered this term.

Week 1
Vectors, dot product, matrices
Secs. 12.1,12.2,12.3,12.4

Week 2
Applications of vectors, calculus of curves
Secs. 12.5,13.1,13.2

Week 3
product and chain rules for vector-valued functions, arc length
Secs. 13.3,13.4,13.5

Week 4
Curvature, unit normal and tangent vectors
Secs. 13.5,14.1

Week 5
Functions of two or more variables
Secs. 14.2, 14.3

Week 6
Partial derivatives, linear approximation, the gradient
Secs. 15.1,15.2,15.3

Week 7
Higher order partial derivatives, optimizatin
Secs. 15.4,15.5

William W. Farr
Wed Mar 15 14:43:30 EST 1995