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Based on the material in this lab and the previous lab, use Maple to complete the following exercises. Try to use Maple efficiently. If you find you are getting stuck and frustrated, ask for help from the IAs or your instructor.

  1. Find all solutions to the equation tex2html_wrap_inline403 . State why you think you have found all solutions.
  2. Given the parameter values tex2html_wrap_inline317 m, tex2html_wrap_inline407 m, and tex2html_wrap_inline409 , find the value of tex2html_wrap_inline381 that will hit a target located at y=0m and x = 200m
  3. It is well known that if the firing range is horizontal, the maximum range is obtained if the angle tex2html_wrap_inline321 is tex2html_wrap_inline419 . Suppose that instead of being horizontal, the firing range slopes upward uniformly at an angle of tex2html_wrap_inline421 . Given the parameter values tex2html_wrap_inline423 m/s, tex2html_wrap_inline317 m, and tex2html_wrap_inline427 m find (approximately) the angle that gives the maximum range. In this case, the range is the distance measured along the hill, so it is not simply the x coordinate.

Sean O Anderson
Tue Sep 10 11:45:07 EDT 1996