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Lab Reports

Each of the lab reports is to be completed jointly by you and a lab partner. You may change lab partners as you wish throughout the term, however, you and your partner must be in the same section. If you have trouble finding a partner for a lab, please see your instructor immediately. Each lab report should consist of two parts as follows:

Lab Background
Your summary should be one paragraph that describes the major points/goals of the lab and the mathematical concepts addressed. Note that this should be in your own words and not simply a rewrite of the lab description. This section should be short and concise. Three to five sentences should be enough.

Maple Printout with Answers
All Maple commands used for the lab should be included. Problem numbers should be included in this section to indicate which commands were used for which problems. Equations or plots that are needed for the solutions must be clearly labeled. You are also responsible for ensuring that the Maple commands are consistent with your answers. At the end of your Maple work for each problem, include a short paragraph that explains the role of the Maple work, identifies the solution to the problem, and draws any conclusions that need to be made. You are strongly encouraged to save paper by printing out your worksheet with two pages per physical page, using the -N2 flag to your lpr command. A sample worksheet from a MA 1021 lab demonstrating the desired format is attached.

Sean O Anderson
Tue Sep 10 12:55:17 EDT 1996