Lab 1 Area Under a Curve and Antidifferentiation

Lab 2 Applications of the Definite Integral

Lab 3 Solids of Revolution

Lab 4 Applications of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

The Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Maple

CalcP Info

This is the FTP site for the CalcP package. This is a package of about thirty Maple procedures used in conjunction with Maple Calculus at WPI. A description of the package is in Maple V: Mathematics and Its Application, the proceedings of the 1994 Maple Summer Workshop and Seminar, edited by Robert Lopez and published by Birkhauser.


There will be four labs common to all sections of MA 1022.

          LAB DATES (W or Th)            LAB REPORT DUE DATE

           4 -  5 November 98        at start of lab on 11 - 12 November 98
          11 - 12 November 98        at start of lab on 18 - 19 November 98
          18 - 19 November 98        at start of class on 24 November 98
           2 -  3 December 98        at start of class on 10 December 98

           9 - 10 December 98        as directed by your instructor 
Labs will be posted on this the MA 1022 web page and will also be available at the SGA office. Printing copies of the lab sheet in SH 306 is not permitted.


Lab reports are to be done in teams, each team consisting of exactly two students. In particular, single author or three author lab reports will receive a zero unless prior approval has been obtained from your instructor or IA. Lab write-ups must be done independently. A submitted lab report should be the exclusive work of those listed as the authors. Your lab partner should be enrolled in the same MA 1022 section that you are in.


Your lab report will consist of a hard copy of your annotated Maple worksheet. Put a title (LAB REPORT 1) at the top of the first page and follow this with the authors' names and section number (e.g., Monica Lewinsky and Kenneth Starr, Section 4). Next give a short summary, probably three to five sentences, that describes the major points/goals of the lab and the mathematical concepts addressed. This should be in your own words, not just a restatement of something on the lab sheet. This summary should be written after you have completed all of the exercises of the lab. Lastly, address the various exercises of the lab. Each exercise discussion should start with the number of that exercise prominently displayed. After the Maple commands and output for the exercise, give a paragraph that explains the role of the Maple work, identifies the solution to the problem and draws any conclusions that need to be made. Your explanation and conclusion for a given exercise must immediately follow the Maple work for that exercise. Identify answers with the appropriate units (feet, meters per second, square inches, etc.). Of course, all of your comments should be given in full sentences that are grammatically correct. Lab reports are due at the start of a subsequent lab and must be printed out before the start of that lab. The Maple work that is in the lab report should only contain material that is directly pertinent to the exercises. False starts on problems, mistyped commands that produce extraneous output and other such errors must be deleted from the worksheet.


The reports for all sections of the course will be graded by the Instructors' Associates, Jane Bouchard and Christine Bonini. The major portion of your grade will be determined by the correctness of your mathematical work and the completeness of your explanation/discussion. However your report grade could suffer if you have misspelled words, incomplete sentences and/or other grammatical errors. Your grade will also suffer if you do not adhere to the lab report format described above. Labs will be graded on a 25 point basis. That is, the top grade for a lab will be 25. Most likely there will be little cause to appeal a lab grade. However if there is an appeal, it must be made to the IA who graded the lab within one week of the day the lab is available to be returned. After that week, no appeal will be accepted. Note that the appeal period starts on the day the report is available, not on the day it is actually picked up.


If a lab is passed in after the start of class up until 4:30 of the day it is due, the lab will be assessed a penalty of 5 points. Labs received after 4:30 on the day it was due will receive NO CREDIT.