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Course structure


This term, we will provide the lab handouts electronically. The links below will lead you to the labs. You can also make copies at the SGA office.

Format for lab reports. A sample writeup using this format will be posted on the bulletin board across the hall from the Math Lab (SH 306). Here is a link to a sample writeup.


Homework will be assigned weekly, usually on Tuesdays and Fridays. Homework assignments will always be made in class and they will also always be available from this document, through the links below.

Homework will be collected in your recitation sections.


There will be two one-hour exams. Each exam will count as 18% of your final grade. The first exam will be on Thursday, February 6. The tentative date for the other exam is March 6.

There will also be 5 quizzes given during the term. Each quiz should take 15-20 minutes to complete. Quizzes will be given on Thursdays, on the dates 1-23, 1-30, 2-13, 2-21, and 2-27.

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