This page contains information on how to get in touch with the Calc instructor, IAs, and TA. It also contains the MASH schedule.


Bill Farr
Office: SH 109B
Tel.: 831-5496
E-mail: bfarr
Office Hours: MTRF 9-11, or by appointment

Instructors Assistants

Christine Palmer
Office: SH 205
Tel.: 831-5730
E-mail: cpalmer
Office hours: M 11-1, TH 9-11

Jane Bouchard
Office: SH 205
Tel.: 831-5730
E-mail: bouchard
Office hours: M 10-11, T 9-10, TH 8-9

Teaching Assistant

Yan Huang
Office: SH 104
Tel.: 831-5546
E-mail: hy
Office hours: TBA

MASH leader

Andrea Kodys
E-mail: gonzo

MASH Schedule

Day             Time            Location
Wednesday       9-10 AM         SH 203
Sunday          6-8 PM          HL 224

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