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MA 1022Calculus 2 C term 1998

Text: Bradley and Smith, Calculus.

Professor: W. Farr, 105A Stratton, X5496, E-mail - bfarr.
Office Hours: MTRF 9-11:30, or by appointment.
IAs: Christine Palmer, SH 205, E-mail - cpalmer and Jane Bouchard, SH 205, E-mail bouchard
TA: Yan Huang, SH 104, E-mail - hy.

Course Goals

The main goal of this course is to provide students with an understanding of both the theory and the applications of calculus. This course is designed to provide students in science and engineering with the fundamentals of calculus and also to provide experience with how it is used to solve problems. Students will also gain experience in working in teams on the laboratories that are an important part of this course. Students will also become familiar with software tools available on the workstations in the laboratory, particularly the Computer Algebra System, Maple.

Topics to be covered this term.

Week 1
Definite and indefinite integral, FTOC
Secs. 4.1,4.2,4.3
Week 2
MVT, substitution, applications
Secs. 4.3,

Week 3
Numerical integration, exponentials and logarithms
Secs. 4.6,5.1,5.2

Week 4
More on exponentials and logarithms
Secs. 5.2,5.3,5.4

Week 5
Integrals of logs and exponentials, inverse trig functions
Secs. 5.5,5.6,5.7

Week 6
Applications of the integral
Secs. 6.1,6.2,6.3,6.4

Week 7
Techniques of integration
Secs. 7.1,7.2,7.4

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