MA 1022 Lab Report Information, Term D '97


Labs will appear in the MA 1022 WWW home page, usually on the Thursday before the lab. Labs will also be on reserve in the library and the SGA office so that you can get a printed copy. Be sure to read and think about the handout before your lab time and bring the handout with you to lab. There will be three lab reports turned in for a grade this term. The schedule is given below.

Lab #1 on March 31 is due April 27.

Lab #2 on April 14 is due April 21.

Lab #3 on April 28 is due May 5.

Please notice that labs should be passed in during lecture not a lab period! Late papers will not be accepted.

Lab Reports

Each of the lab reports is to be completed jointly by you and a lab partner. You may change lab partners as you wish throughout the term. If you have trouble finding a partner for a lab, please see your instructor immediately.

Maple Printout with Answers
All Maple commands used for the lab should be included. Problem numbers should be included in this section to indicate which commands were used for which problems. Equations or plots that are needed for the solutions must be clearly labeled. You are also responsible for ensuring that the Maple commands are consistent with your answers. At the end of your Maple work for each problem, include a short paragraph that explains the role of the Maple work, identifies the solution to the problem, and draws any conclusions that need to be made. Each problem that does not have this paragraph at the end will not receive any credit.


The reports for all sections of the course will be graded by the Instructors' Associate (IA) for the course, Roxanne Tisch. The major portion of your grade will be determined by the correctness of your mathematical work. However, your report grade could suffer if you have misspelled words, incomplete sentences, and/or other grammatical errors.

The lab that you hand in should be a product of you and your lab partner. Please do not work too closely with other lab groups. Discussing the problems is permitted but the Maple work and write-up should be your own.

Roxanne Tisch
Thu Mar 20 12:53:09 EST 1997