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MA1023P - Calculus III
Maple Worksheets - A99

Worksheet Description
Intro #1 Brief introduction to Maple. (Your computer will try to start Maple if you download this file.)
Intro #2 Some exercises connected to Intro1.
Lab #0 This is the worksheet for your first lab (August 31). It is an introduction to some basic Maple commands with exercises for a bonus lab report.
Lab #1 Your first real lab assignment. The worksheet includes commands to generate and plot Taylor polynomials. The report for this lab is due next Monday (9/13/99) in lecture.
Note: You can earn three bonus points on the lab if you hand it in at the start of lecture on Friday (9/10/99).
Lab #2 Working with Newton's method. The worksheet includes commands to run Newton's method and to plot comains of attraction for functions with multiple roots.
Lab #3 Working with infinite series. You will get to work with the integral test for convergence and plotting the sequence of partial sums.
A little chaos Just for fun... a worksheet that plots chaotic sequences arising when you look for fixed points.
Lab #4 Polar Expeditions: Plotting polar curves and computing area insider curves given in polar coordinates.
Project Description This worksheet contains a basic description of the project, the requirements for your report, and the deadlines. There is also some mathematical background and some Maple tools that can be useful in your work.

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