MA 1023 - Calculus III D '01

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Exam 1 Information Exams are ready! I'll be in my office until at least 5:30 - email me if you need me to stay later. Follow the "Exam Information" link to see some advice about whether or not you should take the make-up exam.

If you don't pick up your exam today, your PLA should have it in conference tomorrow.

Exam 2 Information The exams are graded. You can stop by my office and pick yours up or get it at conference on Friday, where the PLA will go through it in detail. The high score was 84 and the average was about 57. Solutions to the exam are now posted - just follow the link above. Sorry about the delay, but there were some students who hadn't taken the exam yet.

There will be a make-up exam on Tuesday, April 24 from 4-4:50 in HL 218. Here is a link to the ground rules for the make-up exam. They are the same as for the first make-up exam. Just as for exam 2, you can use a page of notes.

If you have questions to ask me, I should be in my office on Thursday after 2, on Friday all day, and on Monday after class.

Final Exam Information

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