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Here are the solutions to the first exam.

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Exam 1 Results

The high score was 97, the low score was below 20. I haven't had time to compute an average yet, but I would guess it is in the 50s.
My guess about the distribution on this exam is as follows:
A - 80 +
B - 67-79
C - 55-66

If your score on the exam was lower than about 55, I would recommend taking the make-up exam. If your score was in the 70s or above, then you probably shouldn't take the make-up exam. If you are in between, the decision is yours.

Exam 1 Make-up

The make-up exam will be held in HL 116 from 3-3:50 on Friday, March 30. If you want to take the make-up exam but can't make this time, let me know and we'll set something up.

There are some things you should know before you take the make-up exam.
  1. The maximum score you can get on the make-up exam is 85. That is, if you take the make-up exam and get a score of less than 85, that will be your score. If you get a score of 85 or greater, the score recorded will be 85.
  2. If you take the make-up exam, your score on the make-up exam will replace your score on the first exam. That is, if you get a lower score on the make-up exam, the lower score will be your score for the first exam.

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