This page contains information on how to get in touch with the Calc instructor, TA and PLAs.


Bill Farr
Office: SH 109B
Tel.: 831-5496
E-mail: bfarr
Office Hours: TR 10-11, 2-4, WF 9-11, 2-4 or by appointment

Teaching Assistant

Becky Wasyk
Office: SH 104
Tel.: 831-5546
E-mail: wasykrd
Office hours:

Peer Learning Assistants

Jeffrey Savard
e-mail: jsavard
Section: D01, WF 10-10:50 SH 304

Matt Hilt
email: matthilt
Section: D02, WF 11-11:50, HL 154

Ben Dean-Kawamura
e-mail: bdean
Section: D03, WF 12-12:50, SH 202

Sid Bhojnagarwala
e-mail: sid
Section: D04, WF 1-1:50, SH 308

Sabin Thomas
e-mail: sabin
Section: D03, WF 12-12:50, SH 202

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