Exam 2 Make-up Info

Exam 2 Results

The high score was 98, the low score was below 40.
Here is the distribution of scores.
Range: Students
90-100: 22
80-89: 13
70-79: 10
60-69: 13
50-59: 10
below: 12

If your score on the exam was lower than about 60, I would recommend taking the make-up exam. If your score was in the 70s or above, then you probably shouldn't take the make-up exam. If you are in between, the decision is yours.

Here is a link to the solutions to Exam 2.

Exam 2 Make-up

The make-up exam will be held from 6-6:50 PM on Thursday, April 17. If you want to take the make-up exam but can't make this time, let me know ahead of time and we'll set something up.

Calculators are allowed.

There are some things you should know before you take the make-up exam.
  1. The maximum score you can get on the make-up exam is 85. That is, if you take the make-up exam and get a score of less than 85, that will be your score. If you get a score of 85 or greater, the score recorded will be 85.
  2. If you take the make-up exam, your score on the make-up exam will replace your score on the first exam. That is, if you get a lower score on the make-up exam, the lower score will be your score for the first exam.

Bill Farr < bfarr@wpi.edu>