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For the following five exercises, look at the diagram of the person shooting a basket on p. 709 of the text. Suppose his name is Joe. Assume that he is 7 ft. tall and is standing 20 ft. from the basket which is 10 ft. tall. Assume this information throughout this lab but do not assume that the maximum height reached by the basketball is 12 ft. as depicted in the text except for Exercise 1 below.

  1. Do problem 24 on p. 709
  2. Let tex2html_wrap_inline50 be the angle of elevation. Use Maple to plot the trajectories of the basketball between the time it leaves Joe's hand and when it reaches the basket for tex2html_wrap_inline50 = 30, 45, and 60 degrees.
  3. Let the initial speed of the basketball be 30 ft/sec. Find the smallest tex2html_wrap_inline50 so that Joe will make his shot. What is the maximum height of the basketball in this case?
  4. Assume the information given in problem 3. Suppose you are standing between Joe and the basket, and you are l feet from Joe. Suppose when you stretch out your arm, your hand can reach a height of h ft. How high do you have to jump in order for your hand to be directly in the path of the ball? (Neglect the size of the basketball.) Your answer will depend on l and h.
  5. How many seconds after Joe shoots the ball should you jump in order to block the shot? Neglect the time spent jumping.

Sean O Anderson
Wed Apr 2 09:24:35 EST 1997