Homework assignment 3

This homwork assignment should be completed before your recitation section next week, which will be either on Thursday 9/14 or Friday 9/15.

Some of these problems are from Dick and Patton, Volume 1. If you don't have this text, you can get photocopies of the problems from your instructor.

Note that there are two assignments from section 16.2. The second one deals with double integrals in polar coordinates, which is why it is listed after the assignment dealing with polar coordinates from Appendix 4.

Section		Page		Problems
16.1		237		1,3,7,9
16.2		252		1,3,5,9,13
A.4 (Vol 1)	A42		1,5,19,23,31,43
16.2		252		15,17,19,23

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