Exam 1 Information

Material to be covered on Exam 1

The material to be covered is from sections 6.7, 8.1, A.2, A.3, and 16.1 in the text.

Sample exam with answers, consisting of problems similar to those that might appear on the exam. Solutions to the exam will be posted outside my office door, SH 105A. These are sample problems only. Don't expect the exam questions to be exactly the same as those on the sample exam.

Announcements from 9/7

  1. The exam will consist of problems similar to those on the sample exams. There will not be any "proof" or "show that" problems this time.
  2. You may not be told which technique of integration to use on the exam problems and will have to figure this out on your own.
  3. To give us more space, Lab Sections 1 and 2 will take the exam in FL 320.

Tips on how to choose the right technique of integration.

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