MA2051 - Ordinary Differential Equations
Matlab - Issuing Commands

   The available arithmetic operations are + - * / and ^
(exponentiation).  In response to Matlab's  tex2html_wrap_inline348  prompt, try
typing familiar operations like 2 - 3*4 or  2^2/8.  Many
functions are available; try cos(pi/4) or exp( log(4) ).
Follow the command with ; to prevent displaying an answer.  Type
demo to see more.

Matlab offers extensive documentation. Type help for a list. For example, help weuler brings up a description of a command to approximate solutions of differential equations using Euler's method. Matlab's powerful vector and matrix capabilities are described in the student edition manual and illustrated briefly in the following material.

Use the arrow keys to recall and edit statements. To edit a file in Windows, use the Open command under the File menu from Matlab. In Unix, open another window and run an editor like emacs. To tell Matlab the location of such files, type the commands

P = path;
path( P, 'path_to_your_file' );
where path_to_your_file is the name of the full path to the files you have edited.

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