MA2051 - Ordinary Differential Equations
Matlab - Simple Plotting

    Matlab's plotting capabilities are easy to use.  (Type help
plot for some information.)  For example, to view a graph of    on  

 , type
x = -1:0.05:2;
y = exp(x.^2) + cos(pi*x);
plot(x, y);
The first line creates a vector (or list of numbers) x ranging from -1 to 2 in increments of 0.05. The second statement loads the vector y with a list of values of tex2html_wrap_inline364 at the corresponding x values. (Exponentiation is represented by .^ to indicate that corresponding entries in x multiply each other. Analogous operations are .* and ./ for entry-by-entry multiplication and division. When in doubt, use .*, ./, and .^)

To print a graph, use the Print command under the figure's File menu.

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