Ordinary Differential Equations (MA2051)

B Term, 1995

Time / Place: Lecture: MWF 2:30 - 3:20 PM / Olin Hall, Rm 107
Conference: TTh Various Times / Various Rooms in Stratton Hall

Instructor: Joseph D. Fehribach ( 201C Stratton Hall, 831-5069, bach@wpi.edu )

Office Hours: 3:30--4:30 am Monday, Wednesday & Friday, and by appointment. Please see me after class, call or send e-mail for an appointment.

Text: Paul W. Davis, Differential Equations for Mathematics, Sciences, and Engineering, Prentice Hall, 1992. Please bring the text to class.

Tests: There will be two in-class tests, the first on Friday, 17 November 95, and the second on Friday, 15 December 95. In general, each test will be graduated -- the first question being easiest, the last, hardest. Each will be worth 100 points.

Homework: Practice problems are listed on the syllabus. At least 25% of each test will be taken verbatim from the practice problems. On several occasions during the term, selected homework problems will be collected and graded. Problems to be handed in will be announced at regular lecture sessions and will be due at the next conference session.

Quizzes: On several occasions during the term, quizzes will be given in the conference sessions. Each quiz will be announced in the lecture session and by e-mail at least one day before it is to be given, and each will take about twenty minutes. Quizzes will often (though perhaps not always) occur on Thursdays, and quiz questions will be similar to homework practice problems.

Computer Project: There will be two computer projects distributed and discussed in the conference sections. Each project will be worth 50 points.

Grading: Of the several quizzes and hand-in homework assignments, the lowest quiz grade and the lowest homework grade, or the two lowest homework grades, will be dropped. The total value of the quizzes and homeworks will be 100 points. Adding the subtotals, one sees that there will be a grand total of 400 points in the term. Grades will be based on a floating scale; the scale will be based on the difficulty of the test. The maximum number of points required for an A is 360; for a B, 320; for a C, 280. Final letter grades will be assigned based on the total number of points earned, with some consideration given to consistency, progress in the course, etc.

Missed Quizzes, Computer Assignments and Tests: In general no make-up quizzes or tests will be given, and late homework or projects will not be accepted. A grade of zero will be recorded for all missed work. Rare and unusual circumstances, however, will be considered.

Notice: The management reserves the right to change the above policies. Such changes (if any) will be announced at a regular class meeting. In addition, changes may also be distributed via e-mail.

Joseph D. Fehribach
Tue Oct 17 16:21:11 EDT 1995