MA2051 - Ordinary Differential Equations
Goals, Grading, Staff - B96

Course goals include

This blend of activities will be much less cut and dried than most of the courses you have taken in the past.

Grading: The cut-off for final grades are the usual 90/80/70% average for A, B, and C, respectively. Your final average will apportioned as follows:


To pass the course,

Hour exams and make-up exams are scheduled as shown in the syllabus. You may retake the first exam twice, the first time to improve your grade, the second time on a pass-fail basis and only if you have not passed the first test or the first make-up. The make-up for the second exam is pass-fail only.

Homework assigned with a Friday or Monday lecture is due at the start of the following Tuesday's PLA session; Wednesday assignments are due the following Thursday. Excepting documented illness or prior notice of an official school activity, you must turn in your own homework. Late homework will not be accepted. One or two problems from each homework set will be graded, and your overall level of effort on the homework assignment will be considered as well.

Staff: (All email addresses are @wpi.)

Lecturer: Paul Davis, SH 202D, 831-5212, pwdavis

Teaching Assistant: Olga Dunaevskaya, SH 104, dnepr

Peer Learning Assistants: Will Brother (milvi), Colin Brown (chicken), Angela Capek (adadula), Laura Cooper (ljcooper), Monaca McNall (monaca), Rudy Othmer (robert), Susan Shorrock (surun), Cory Wajda (wajda), Jennifer Yambert (jennx)


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