Worcester Polytechnic Institute

MA2051 - Ordinary Differential Equations
Grading Policies - C98

     Homework and Quizzes (20%)
You are encouraged to work together on homework
Homework must be legible and well-organized
Quizzes are unannounced.
Quizzes cover recent homework (recommended and collected)
and basic material of that day's lecture.

     Two Projects (15% each)
Groups of about three students
All students are responsible for everything in their report
You may discuss the project assignment only with members of your own group.
After projects are handed in, you will evaluate another group's project.
Your total project grade is 90% your report, 10% your evaluation of the other group's report.

     Two Exams Jan. 28 and Feb. 23 (25% each)
Closed-book;  you may use a calculator
Retests available Jan. 30 and Feb. 25
- Maximum score on retests is 90%
- If you take the retest, you get the retest score
Your test average must be 70% or higher to pass the course.

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