MA 2051Differential Equations D term 1997

Text: Paul W. Davis, Differential Equations for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering.

Professor: W. Farr, 105A Stratton, X5496, E-mail - bfarr.
Office Hours: TThF 2-3, M 3:30-4:30 or by appointment.
TA: Olga Dunaevskaya, SH 205, E-mail - dnepr.
PLAs: Jennifer Yambert (jennx), Colin Brown (chicken), Rudy Othmer (robert),
Laura Cooper (ljcooper), Mike Willock (willock), Sashe Kanapathi (skan),
Nathan Gibson (gibso)

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About this Course

The goals of this course are as follows.

Differential equations are an essential part of the mathematics, science and engineering disciplines. The material in this course will be very important in your future studies. However, most of the ideas we will encounter are, or should be, familiar from calculus and one could argue that differential equations is nothing more than applied calculus. Good basic calculus skills will serve you well; be prepared for serious trouble if your calculus skills are not up to par.

Course Structure

This course meets three times a week for lectures, where the basic concepts will be introduced. There are also two conference sections per week. In these sessions you will work in small groups, aided by Pear Learning Assistants. The PLA's are there to facilitate your learning; they are not there to do the homework problems for you.

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