Week #1 Project #3 Gauss-Jordan Elimination Software


The goal of this project is simple: write software which will interactively allow a user to input a system of linear equations and receive back the solution.


languages: either C/C++ or Java. If C/C++, it must be capable of running on Unix or Windows/Intel platforms, so ANSI standards should be followed.


          input: prompt the user for # of variables, # of equations. Then have the coefficients enetered one by one, one equation                     at a time.

          output: must clearly let the user know which of the three basic types of solutions he/she has. Must effectively deal with                     arbitrary variables

          code: must be neatly organized and well documented. Documentation should include members of team, and also                    indicate who wrote what portions.


to turn this in, either email me the source code on Unix or bring a 3.5" diskette with source code and executable on it.

grading: the grade will increase according to the number of affirmative answers to the following considerations: