MA 2071 Grades

As the syllabus states, your grade is computed by the distribution of 40% for quizzes, 40% for projects and 20% for the final.

This is provided that your quiz and final grade exceeds 70

Since we have now had all 5 quizzes, you know what your quiz average is. It counts twice as much as the final exam. If your goal is simply to pass the course, then for every point your average on quizzes is under 70, you will need two points above 70 on the final. Conversely, for every point your average is over 70, your score on the final could be two points below 70

Thus if you have a 66 average on quizzes, you will need a 78 on the final in order to pass the course

A short calculation shows that if you have a 55 average on quizzes, you need a 100 on the final.(!!)

FYI: there have been no scales on quizzes so far. All averages have been 75 or higher