Using Maple is easy and time saving for linear algebra. Below is a sample Maple worksheet: (Maple commands in bold,comments not in bold)

> with(linalg);

> A:=matrix(3,4,[10,3,5,4,3,1,1,7,-1,2,3,8]);

(create a 3 x 4 matrix. Numbers are one ROW at a time )

> gaussjord(A);
(use gauss jordan elimination to reduce A to final form, RREF)

> B:=matrix(3,3,[1,2,7,3,4,5,2,9,0]);
(create square matrix )

> multiply(B,A);
(the above will multiply B by A, if they are compatible )

> C:=inverse(B);
(compute the inverse of B, if it exists, and put it in C )

> C1:=multiply(B,B^4);
(raise B to 5th power and store in C1)