MA 2071 C98 Linear Algebra

 General Information

Course Goals:

Teams: work on projects (below), math problems. Size 3 or 4. Form one asap!

Projects:vehicle for studying mathematical models in areas of interest

1 per week for 5 weeks

product is a written report, 1 per team, turned in on Tuesdays

usually require use of software for accuracy and time saving your choice

(Maple, Mathematica, Mathcad . . .) Maple notes on Web.


Weekly Schedule

Mondays - lecture

Tuesdays turn in project, lecture

Weds (conference) get back quiz, review, get mock quiz

Thursday in class work in teams

Friday quiz in 2nd half of class 

Other Scheduling Notes:

We will have covered all material by the end of the 6th week.

There will be a comprehensive final exam on skills & concepts on Tuesday of the last week of the course. There will be no project work due the last week.


Time Investment: it is assumed that you are willing to spend 15-20 hours per week on this course, including class time. Anything that makes this more efficient for you, from cooperative learning to scheduling is welcome and will be used. Please feel encouraged to use all resources (team, materials, instructor, class time) to make the best use of your time.


quizzes (5)  40%

final exam  20%

projects (5) 40%


other: 5 point bonus on total grade if you attend all classes. Additionally, you must have a passing grade on the quiz/final portion of the course in order to pass the course, regardless of project grades. This means that your overall score for the quiz/final portion must be at least 70. You cannot pass the course if you do not have a minimal understanding of and competence with linear algebra.


a 3 point bonus on the total grade is possible if the overall score for your team is greater than the class average. This score is computed from quizzes and the final exam with quizzes counting twice as much as the final. In such a case, each member of the team would receive 3 additional points on their final grade. So help the people in your team and everyone wins!