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The course will make use of DECstations or other workstations on campus, or of X-terminals or PCs which can emulate workstation displays. In order to use these, you must have a CCC computer account, which you will have been given when you registered. In the unlikely event that you do not have a computer account, inquire at the I/O desk at CCC in Fuller Labs.

Brief introductions to the campus computing facilities and the Unix operating system are found on the web at

Note that the PC version of SAS is not currently supported for MA 2611 course work, and sections of the above document dealing with PC SAS should be ignored.

This web page also contains a tutorial for the SAS statistical software you will be using in the labs.

In addition to allowing you to use SAS, the CCC computer account will enable you to use electronic mail (email) to communicate with fellow students and the instructor (my email address is on the first page of this document).

Joseph D Petruccelli