It seems that virtually everyone is doing a project on the chapter 6
material. In most large-scale projects, such as those for chapters 8
or 9, the modeling is challenging, and so I tend to be lenient with
regard to how the data are obtained, and to some extent, with how the
project is conducted. However, since the models studied in chapter 6
are simple and do not involve a large amount of analysis, there is a
tendency for the projects to be superficial. Therefore, I will be
paying close attention to data collection and project conduct for the
chapter 6 projects. In particular, I will be looking for the following
in each chapter 6 project:

1. Appropriate randomization in sampling and data collection. In
   particular, for those doing surveys or otherwise sampling human
   populations, I expect the randomization and sampling to be
   conducted correctly. I do not consider e-mail surveys, mailbox
   stuffing, setting up a table at the entrance to the dining hall, or
   other convenience sampling teghniques correct ways to take random
   samples. Note that while the sampling procedure is not as crucial
   for the pilot study, it might be a good idea to conduct the pilot
   study in the proper manner in order to (1) get more appropriate
   estimates of model parameters necessary to design the full study,
   and (2) get the bugs out of the procedures.

2. Sample sizes for the main study must be chosen using power criteria
   and the results from the pilot study. See sections 6.10 and 6.11
   for this. If you are doing a chapter 6 project, learning and
   correctly applying the material in these sections, or even going
   beyond what is covered there, becomes part of your project.

3. Evaluation of the extent to which the data satisfy model
   assumptions. This aspect, which is more complex, and therefore
   more emphasized in chapters 7-9, is often overlooked, though no
   less important, in chapter 6 projects.
Of course, if you have any questions about these, or any other aspect
of your project, please see me.

Joe Petruccelli < jdp@wpi.edu>
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