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Shock model

This model is described in the xrk handout. It is essentially a forced oscillator with nonlinear damping. The model equations are as follows.


where tex2html_wrap_inline105 , a, b, tex2html_wrap_inline111 , and A are positive constants and tex2html_wrap_inline115 and tex2html_wrap_inline117 are constants that can take any value.

The dynamics of this model can be very rich. To help focus your investigation, I suggest fixing the parameter values tex2html_wrap_inline119 , tex2html_wrap_inline121 , a=3, b=0, and A = 1. Varying the two remaining parameters close to the values tex2html_wrap_inline129 and tex2html_wrap_inline131 should give you lots of interesting behavior.

William W. Farr
Thu Oct 24 13:03:17 EDT 1996