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Project Report

First, a few words about technical reports. A technical report is intended to provide information to the reader. It is not an essay. You should strive for directness, simplicity, and readability. Write your report as if you were explaining your work to another student in the class. That is, you must not assume that the reader already knows all about the subject. It is up to you to provide the reader with the information he needs to understand what you have done and why.

Your report should be organized around the following sections. Aim your report at explaining the project and your work on it to other students. I am not the audience for your reports. Your project report should contain enough information so that a group of students with similar backgrounds could duplicate your work.

This part of the report should state clearly what the project is about, including a brief statement of the problem and a summary of your work. This part should contain enough information to give a reader an idea of what you did. It should also describe the structure of the rest of the report, so that a reader interested in specific information knows where to find it.

This section should contain a more detailed description of the model. You should include some background on the model, giving details of the physical situation it models and an explanation of the terms appearing in the differential equations for your model.

This section should explain your analysis and present your results to the reader. It should be detailed enough that another group could duplicate your work.

In this section, you should summarize your results and relate them to the physical situation the model is supposed to describe. This is also a good place to criticize the model and make suggestions for its improvement.

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