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CSTR model for a single reaction

This is a two-dimensional model from chemical reaction engineering. It models the dynamics of a single reaction


in a stirred tank reactor. The two state variables are u the concentration of species A, and v, the temperature. The model equations are given below.


This model has three parameters, tex2html_wrap_inline71 , tex2html_wrap_inline73 , and tex2html_wrap_inline75 . The parameters tex2html_wrap_inline71 and tex2html_wrap_inline73 are always non-negative. The parameter tex2html_wrap_inline75 is positive if the reaction is exothermic (releases heat) or negative if the reaction is endothermic (absorbs heat).

This model can exhibit rather rich behavior, and is not especially easy to work with, due mostly to the exponential nonlinearity. To help you in your investigations, I would suggest that you fix tex2html_wrap_inline83 and restrict tex2html_wrap_inline75 to the range tex2html_wrap_inline87 .

William W. Farr
Thu Oct 24 13:03:17 EDT 1996