Instructions for using xrk

1. Set up an alias by putting the line 

alias xrk /math/mathlab/bin64/xrk

in your .cshrc or .tcshrc. You can make the alias effective immediately
with the command

source .cshrc

2. Copy the resource file with the command

cp ~bfarr/Xrk ~

This command puts a copy of the resource file in your home directory.

3. Set up the directory structure for saving xrk data files with the command

cp -r ~bfarr/xrk ~

this will create a directory called xrk in your home directory. It contains
a subdirectory called Linear (for the linear model) which contains a single
file "saddle.set" used in the tutorial.

Bill Farr <>
Last modified: Mon Jan 27 12:38:52 EST 1997