Shock Absorber Model. The given shock absorber model is a forced oscillator with nonlinear damping. The equations describing the system are given in the backgrond section below. We are to investigate the behavior of the system as we change certain parameters in it, which can be read in the analysis section.

The Equations:
This project is an exploration of a nonlinear shock model. The model is a system of four equations:

The first two equations describe the shock absorber's position and velocity, and the last two equations describe the forcing functions. The forcing functions are uncoupled from the velocity and displacment functions, but the velocity and displacement functions depend on the forcing system directly.

The constants c2, a, b, omega and A have fixed positive values given below.


Lambda and c1 values vary while staying close to zero. The variation of those two parameters changes the behavior of the whole system. This system has only one steady state, which is when the system is at rest, and all of the variable of the system (x, y, w, and z) are all set to zero.


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