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MA 4451 - Boundary Value Problems

term A 1996

Professor: Bogdan Vernescu, SH 202C, ext.5242, e-mail: vernescu@wpi

Office Hours: tex2html_wrap43

Text: Mayer Humi & William Miller: Boundary Value Problems and Partial Differential Equations, PWS-Kent Publishing Company, Boston, 1992.

Content: The course introduces the students in deriving partial differential equations as mathematical models of physical phenomena, and gives a few techniques of solving these partial differential equations.

The topics covered are: derivation of partial differential equations modelling physical problems, the Fourier method, Fourier series and applications in solving boundary value problems, Bessel functions, Bessel-Fourier series and Fourier integrals.

A knowledge of calculus techniques (MA1001-MA1004), and of ordinary differential equations (MA2051) is assumed.

Homework: A number of exercises from the text will be assigned every lecture. Several problems, at random, will be graded each week. Homework is due every Thursday. Late work will not be accepted.

Tests: The grading will be based on three tests:

Test 1: September 13 (chapters I - III)

Test 2: October 3 (chapters IV - V)

Test 3: October 17 (chapters VII - VIII)

and on the homework grades.

URL: This syllabus and sample tests with solutions will be posted at: Materials/MA4451A96/4451A96.html


Homework: 20%

Exams: 80%

In general grades will be distributed as follows:

A: 90-100, B: 80-89, C: 68-79, NR: other

Lecture Schedule


Bogdan Vernescu
Thu Aug 29 16:27:59 EDT 1996