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Saving and printing plots

The Print item under the File menu in a Maple plot window does not send your plot to the printer. Instead, it saves your plot to a file, which can then be sent to a printer with the Unix lpr command. To save a plot, choose the Postscript item on the Print submenu under the File menu. This will bring up a dialog box. The default name, for a saved plot will appear in the Output Filename: window of this dialog box. You can either accept this name, or choose your own by typing it into the window in place of For example, you might want to use a name like to designate the lab that the plot belongs with. Once you have selected a name, click on the Confirm button to actually save the plot. The plot will be saved to the directory you were in when you started Maple, usually your home directory.

Suppose you have saved a plot in the file To print this plot out, use either of the following commands,

% lpr -Pmath3

% lpr -Pmath
where % represents the Unix prompt and is not part of the command.

There is also a command that will let you examine the queue of jobs waiting to be printed. This command will let you see how many jobs are ahead of yours. To check the queue on the math3 printer in the math lab the command is

% lpq -Pmath3

with a similar command to check the queue on the math printer.

William W. Farr
Mon Aug 28 09:31:56 EDT 1995