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Running Maple.

Once you have logged into one of the CCC Unix machines, either directly on a DECstation, or from and X-terminal, or using PC-Xware, you can run Maple by typing

% xmaple &

at the prompt in a terminal window. In a few moments, a Maple window will appear. It is in this window that you enter your commands to Maple. Note that the Maple window operates in what is called ``pointer focus'' mode, meaning that the pointer must be within the Maple window before you can type in it. In the Maple window, text you type appears at the entry point, which is indicated by a small caret or arrowhead just under the line.

If you run Maple on a DECstation using xmaple, you can use the standard X copying and pasting techniques to copy lines. Moreover, the cursor keys work to move you around in the window. Even better, suppose you notice a typo in a line. To go back and correct it, just use the mouse or the cursor keys to move the entry point back up to the line you want to change and then edit the line. When it is the way you want it, just press the return key. Maple will re-execute your changed command. This can save a lot of typing!

You can also run Maple from a terminal, or PC using KERMIT. Just login to one of the DECstations on campus (try to find an unused one) and type

% maple.

This will work fine except for plotting. Two-dimensional plots are possible, but may be difficult to set up and three-dimensional plots are not possible at all.

William W. Farr
Mon Aug 28 09:31:56 EDT 1995