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Starting Maple

  1. Log in to one of the DECstations, or a CCC host machine like res if you are using a PC or an X terminal.
  2. Start up a terminal window, either a DECterm or xterm, if you don't have one created automatically at login time.
  3. Make the terminal window your active window and type the command
    > xmaple &
    Note that the ``>'' in the command above represents the Unix prompt and is not part of the command. The ampersand (&) at the end of the end of the command is optional; putting it there runs Maple in the background, which means that the terminal window can still be used for commands for reading mail, printing files, etc.

After a few moments the main Maple window should appear. It has five pull-down menus across the top with three push buttons below. In the middle is the area where you type Maple commands and get Maple output. At the bottom of the window are three text subwindows that provide information about memory usage and CPU time.

Sean O Anderson
Wed Sep 4 09:48:47 EDT 1996