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Maple Usage

There are several ways you can have Maple give a plot in polar coordinates. (Since $\theta$ is not a usual keyboard symbol, we will use t to designate the angle.) You can load a polar plotting routine and use it.


You could also use plot and designate that the plot is polar.


Or you could load the CalcP package and use one of its routines.

Make sure you click inside the area between the two axes. A tool bar should pop up for you to use. ParamPlot makes use of the Maple animate command. With this you can see the curve traced out in ``slow motion" as t (really $\theta$) increases. This can be useful in figuring out the t range needed to trace out a given loop of a complicated graph. When the plot screen appears, click on the play box to get the graph. Click on the ? box to see the labels for the various boxes.

It is also possible to do more than one polar plot at a time.


Roger Yin-Man Lui