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Maple usage

The plot command can be used to graph a sequence whose terms are given by a function. The syntax is

plot( tex2html_wrap_inline147 , n=j..k, style = point);

For `` tex2html_wrap_inline147 " put in the function that gives the terms of the sequence; j is the number of the first term to be plotted; k is the number of the last term to be plotted. For example, to plot the first 25 terms of tex2html_wrap_inline225 , use

  > plot(ln(n)/sqrt(n), n=1..25, style = point);

In the exercises you will need the Maple sum command. The syntax is

  > sum('f','k' = m .. n);

for instance, to find tex2html_wrap_inline227 for tex2html_wrap_inline229 use

  > sum('1/k', 'k' = 1..40);

Note that the expression for tex2html_wrap_inline231 and the k in the range statement are enclosed in apostrophes.

Reminder: evalf(") can be used to get a decimal approximation to a numerical expression that has just been given as output.

J. J. Malone
Mon Jan 20 12:37:51 EST 1997