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Maple functions from the linalg package

Here is a list of the Maple functions we will be using from this package. Note that these functions form only a small subset of the package, which is designed primarily for linear algebra. Examples for some of the commands are given below, more examples can be found in the help screens for each command.

Used to define a vector or vector-valued function.
Adds two vectors or vector-valued functions together.
Multiplies a vector or a vector-valued function by a scalar.
Computes the dot product of two vectors or vector-valued functions.
Computes the cross product of two vectorsor vector-valued functions.
Evaluates expressions involving vectors or vector-valued functions.

We have already used these commands with vectors. The first set of examples below illustrates how to define vector-valued functions and how to use the commands from the linalg package.

Sean O Anderson
Wed Mar 20 12:45:49 EST 1996