MA2051 - Ordinary Differential Equations
Matlab Introduction and Access

    Matlab is a powerful but easy to use high-level programming
language.  You can issue one-line commands, write complete programs, and
access a wide variety of powerful numerical tools, including numerical
integration, matrix manipulation, optimization, signal processing, etc.
You will find it useful for many courses and projects.

You can buy the student edition of Matlab in the bookstore to use on your own PC or you can access it over the Novell network or from a Unix workstation. If you buy the student edition, copy the special MA 2051 files from /usr9/pwdavis/2051_matlab into the directory matlab\toolbox\local created when you installed Matlab. If you use the Novell network, double click on the Matlab icon. If you run Matlab from a Unix workstation, issue the following sequence of commands to start Matlab:

xhost math
rlogin math
setenv DISPLAY workstation_name:0
In the last line, workstation_name means the name of the workstation you are using; the last character is the number zero.

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