Homework assignments are taken from the exercises in the text, or from a set of supplementary exercises (these being denoted by the prefix 'S'). The supplementary exercises are contained in pdf files that can be displayed by clicking on the links in the table below. (NOTE: The pdf files contain more than just the assigned exercises. The assigned exercises are those listed in the link.) Solutions to the assigned exercises will be posted below when the due date has passed.

The supplementary exercises are all taken from previous tests, and so are a good source of practice exercises for the tests.

Assignments and Due Dates

Chapter Due Date Exercises
1 November 8 S1.1, S1.2, S1.3
2 November 13 S2.1, S2.2, S2.4, S2.5, S2.9
3 November 19 S3.7, S3.8, S3.10, S3.11, S3.12
4 December 7 S4.1, S4.2, S4.4, S4.9
5 December 14 S5.1, S5.2, S5.4, S5.6, 5.4 from the text

Homework Solutions

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