Statistics Resources

o Doing It with SAS (Supplement to PNC Text)

o UCLA SAS Learning Pages

o UCLA R Learning Pages

o Tables of the normal and t distributions and for normal theory tolerance intervals (pdf file)

o All tables from Petruccelli, Nandram and Chen (pdf file)

o Statistical Interval Guide (pdf file)

o Hypothesis Test Guide (pdf file)

o Windows SAS startup and tutorials

o Sample size and power calculator

o Digital stopwatch

oDigital dice

o Statistical Routines in Calculators

o Programs for approximate score intervals for some TI calculators

o An Introduction to the Conduct and Analysis of Sample Surveys (pdf file)

o Industrial Statistics Case Study (pdf file)

o The Score Interval for Population Proportions (pdf file)

o Sample Lab Report

o Stat Labs

o Some Statistics Links

o Some Statistics Quotes

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