An Introduction to Windows SAS Version 8.2 at WPI

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This document has several purposes:

If you have not already done so, please visit This document will tell you the latest news on the transition to Windows and will point you to a set of SAS installation instructions. After completing the installation, new users should complete the tutorials An Introduction to SAS/EIS, found at, and An Introduction to SAS/INSIGHT I: Elementary Concepts, found at

These tutorials are designed to introduce the novice SAS user to two components of SAS statistical software: SAS/INSIGHT, a graphical environment for interactive data analysis, and SAS/EIS, a component of SAS that is used as an interface between the user and a set of SAS programs, called macros. Both programs are heavily used in statistics courses at WPI.

Users who want to do more with SAS/INSIGHT are invited to the continuation of the tutorial, An Introduction to SAS/INSIGHT II: Advanced Concepts, found at

Where Next?

gif Windows SAS Introduction.

gif Introduction to SAS/EIS, which you'll use to run SAS macros (programs) for labs and specialized applications.

gif Introduction to SAS/INSIGHT I: Elementary Concepts. This is the minimal tutorial you should do to be familiar with the basics of SAS/INSIGHT, a graphically-oriented data analysis system

gif Introduction to SAS/INSIGHT II: Advanced Concepts. This tutorial will show you some of the more advanced features of SAS/INSIGHT

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