Calculus III, A 97 Home Page

General Information

Sections 1,2,3

Professor Roger Lui, SH 105B, Ext. 5330,

T.A.: Yan Huang, SH 104, Ext. 5546,
(Responsible for grading labs and quizes + Office Hours.)

Sections 4,5,6,8

Professor Bogdan Vernescu, SH 202C, Ext. 5242,

T.A.: Fang Zhang, SH 104, Ext. 5546,
(Responsible for grading labs and quizes + Office Hours.)

Office Hours

(Lui): Open office hour or by appointment. Just knock on my door. If I am not in my office but my door is open, that usually means that I am in the building and will be back soon.

(Vernescu): M,T 11:00-12:00, R,F 10:00-11:00 or by appointment.

(Huang and Zhang): MTWRF 10:00 - 12:00, 2:00 - 4:00, one of the T.A.s will be in SH 104.

Calculus Tutoring Schedule in SH 302. Tutor is Gideon Aweh.
M,T 11:00 - 1:00, W 9:00 - noon, R 2:00 - 5:00.

Grading and Other Policies

1. There will be 4 labs, 6 quizes, 2 hour-exam and 1 two-hour comprehensive final. Each lab is worth 5 points (total 20), each quiz 2 (total 12), each hour-exam 18 (total 36),and the comprehensive final is worth 32 points. The comprehensive final will take place 4-6 pm on October 15. There will be no class on October 16.

2. Lab assignments are done by group of 2 or 3. Students who are caught copying their lab. reports will receive a zero for that assignment. If you are caught twice, you will be given an NR for the course. If you feel that your lab. partner isn't doing his/her share, please talk to the professor about it.

3. A 15 minute quiz will be given approximately once a week. Problems will be taken from the homework (see link below). You are expected to do the homework on your own although they will not be collected.

4. At the end of the course, the instructor will total up your scores and arrange them in descending order. He will then find large gaps and use that as cut-off to assign letter grades. However, passing grade (C) will not be lower than 65 (but may be higher). You should keep track of your scores so that you know where you stand. Grades can only be contested within 48 hours of the return of the exams.

5. No makeup will be given without a legitimate reason. If you are ill, you must provide a written note from your doctor describing the seriousness of your condition. A note from a nurse saying that you have been seen at the health service is not sufficient.

6. No calculator will be allowed during exam or quizes. However, a cheat sheet will be allowed in the hour-exams and comprehensive final.

Schedule and Syllabus


Labs are handed out electronically. The links below will lead you to the labs. Lab 0 is for students that have never used Maple before. Students that have used Maple may skip Lab 0.

Each lab report must be of the following format. A cover page with the title of the lab and names of the people in your group and their section number. It is then followed by your typed answers and at the end the report, your maple print out. In your maple print out, you MUST state clearly which question you are answering. You may also write your answers directly into your maple worksheet. The important thing is that your answers must be typed and clearly labeled so that we know which question you are answering. There is also the Maple Lab Manual if you need help on Maple.


Remember, quiz problems are taken from the homework.

Sample Exams.

Solutions to Exams and Quizes.