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For more examples, see the help screens. You have already seen the ParamPlot function, ParamPlot3D works in a very similar fashion. Both ParamPlot and ParamPlot3D will take a vector or a list of functions as their first argument. Don't forget to load the CalcP package if you have not already done so.

  > VDiff(g(t),t);

  > VDiff(g(t),t,t);

  > VPlot(f(t),t=-2..2);

  > VPlot(g(t),t=0..4*Pi);

  > VPlot(h(t),t=0..2*Pi);

  > ParamPlot(h(t),t=0..2*Pi);

  > ParamPlot3D(g(t),t=0..4*Pi);

  > VMag(h(t));

The Speed function can either give the speed at a fixed value of t, or give the speed as a vector expression involving t. See the examples below.

  > Speed(f(t),t=1);

  > Speed(f(t),t);

  > Speed(g(t),t);

Sean O Anderson
Wed Mar 20 12:45:49 EST 1996