Projects MA 2071 C 98

last updated: Monday January 12, 9:15 am

Philosophy: the projects allow teams to customize the course to their individual interests and needs, to see realistic applications of the material, and to study areas in more depth than class time would allow. They have been developed over a period of 5 years and seek to make a standard linear algebra course into an experience consistent with the WPI approach to education.

TA: Elena Volkova Stratton 104 office hours: Weds 2-4 email:


Week 1 - Jan 13-20


Week 2 - Jan 20-27


Week 3 - Jan 27 - Feb3


Week 4 - Feb 3-10


Week 5- Feb 10--16   (due on Monday, not Tuesday; less involved project)



Notes on Using Maple for Linear Algebra


cover page, including title, week and names of all participants

Introduction what the project is about; seeks to accomplish

Background where you began; summary of mathematical model, description of problem studied


Analysis what the mathematics accomplished; conclusions or recommendations

Conclusion summary of the project. What did it add to your background as a scientist/engineer/manager (each team member)?

Appendix any supporting data or worksheets

References any books/articles/references/people used


Note: all of the above may not be appropriate for some projects.