Week 1 Projects

 January 13,1998

The following projects relate to solutions of linear systems of equations


Project #1: Regression Analysis

of interest to everyone. Assumes calculus background. Calculator and software needed.

Project #2: Petroleum Industry Management

of interest to chemical engineers, management majors. Software very helpful!

Project #3: Gauss - Jordan Elimination Software

of interest to CS majors.

Project #4: Truss Analysis

of interest to Civil Engineering majors Software helpful!

Project #5 Circuits and Kirchoff's Law

of interest to ECE, Physics majors. No web page available. See Prof Goulet for hand out. Math software helful!


If you wish to use Maple, see notes on how to use it…it's easy!maple.htm

All projects due by 10 AM on Tuesday, January 20. Either pass them in at the end of class or turn them into

in room 104, Stratton Hall (a box marked "Linear Algebra Projects" will be there)